A Brief History Management Team
A Brief History

The beginning of D~NET was indicated by the genesis of a dial-up internet access services having speed eight times faster than other existed ISP companies at the time. Internet backbone which becomes the main key of D~NET is supported by fiber optic main channel and back up by satellite directly connected to the internet backbone in the United States. The whole system and network are designed by sound international information technology consultants which enable D~NET to develop rapidly and be able to accommodate the increasingly numbers of individual and corporate users. Carefully planned network design is very important since D~NET focus is to raise the interest of users to the internet, and at the same time to motivate corporation to start using information technology.

In line with the growth of business sector in Indonesia, commencing the year 2000, the Company formed a new division called D~NET-IT Infrastructure & Connection”. This division specializes in serving all the network requirements of corporation, from design planning, installation until the implementation of its infrastructure. As an additional service, this division also serves various configurations of computer network with different platforms and security level which caters to the needs of each corporation. Overall, Dyviacom renders good quality internet connection quality and excellent infrastructure to its customers.

At the end of the year 2000, D~NET successfully registered it self at the Jakarta Stock Exchange (stock code D~NET) as the first internet company in Indonesia to go public. Since then, public support and trust increase along with D~NET outstanding services and performance. Seeing that the business atmosphere in Indonesia is becoming better, D~NET emphasizes its focus to developing corporate market by enhancing its internet technology and human resources.

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