Directory of Events Internet Dial up IT Infrastructure & Connection
SPINFOX – Directory of Events is a portal which contains complete listings of programs/events existing in Jakarta, some in several large cities in Indonesia and abroad. Spinfox is updated everyday. It is very useful for people to find listings of some activities such as Seminars, Exhibition, Shows, Race/Competitions, Courses, Product & Property Sales, as well as Job Opening.

D~NET – Internet Dial up
D~NET offers a professional information technology solution for its clients who intend to obtain connection to the internet backbone through dial up connection. By using a digital modem, D~NET customer can surf the internet with a speed of maximum 56 kbps, and obtain technical services for 24 hours a day 7 day a week non-stop.

D~NET – IT Infrastructure & Connection
This is a product for corporation/company which requires professional expertise for infrastructure network development and internet broadband connection through fiber optic or wireless. D~NET gives priority service in evaluating the requirements given by prospective corporate clients beginning with design, planning until carrying out network infrastructure. Other services are network security installation/firewall, network configuration, database management, application selection, bandwidth management and IP distribution.
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